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The internet would only be half as fun if it weren’t for other people. Here goes a selection of sites that I like (to steal ideas from):
Things Of Interest is exactly that.
Justin Hall's mostly-abandoned memory lane. It's fun getting lost in there.
I don't need to talk about this one, you know it already.
Fashion label with a spectacularly futuristic site that won't ever feel dated.
The personal website of Ruben Schade.
The personal website of Dominic Szablewski.
The personal site of Henrique Dias.
Where John Bokma breathes new life into the classic tumblelog format. I got featured once!
The professional and personal website of Terre Thaemlitz, avant-garde producer and philosopher. Easily as fun to get lost in as, and I wish my site was a bit more like hers.
The personal website of Leah Neukirchen. Features the world's first tumblelog.
Now he had two problems.
Felix Schwenzel schreibt absolut alles ins Internet.