(about this site)

I have been sporadically creating personal and non-personal websites since 2006, when I asked my sire if we could go and learn some HTML at KVHS Harz. The other participants regularly thought that my father must have forced his poor six-year-old to attend this course. Ha.

Even though the course was quite outdated and bad (even for 2006 standards — think <FONT> and <FRAMESET>, ugh!), it resonated with me and I began creating home pages on my own.

this site

Since 2018, I have — once again — a personal home page, which uses the domain name; that is really cool. I might print it on a shirt some day.


I think having your own home page is an invaluable opportunity to collect thoughts and ideas, while having a (theoretically) unrestricted and independent creative outlet. Think of it as my little contribution to keep the web open, accessible and decentralized.

Here is a more elaborate version of the point that I have just tried to make.

Also, this site is inspired by loooots of my own favourite websites. Now and then, you might stumble upon a design decision on this site that might have originated at:

a technical perspective

I still enjoy writing most of the HTML by hand and I am quite efficient at doing so, although I resort to a couple of scripts for generating more complex pages.

I do not use a CMS, because

Being responsible for virtually all of the HTML at this place also means that I can insert an easter egg every now and then. Feel free to write me an e-mail if you find one of these.


I create most pages in GNU Emacs, using web-mode.el amongst other packages for editing HTML and Template::Toolkit markup. Look here for my config.


Pages such as the whole photos section or the pulp feed are generated using lots of Perl scripts.

Excellent modules of choice include:


I use a simple Makefile to handle various tasks such as building feeds (perl), rendering photo galleries (perl + GraphicsMagick), rendering stylesheets (perl + sassc), uploading the whole site (rsync) or serving it for development purposes (minicgi, a small file + cgi server I have written).


Netcup is hosting this site, and they have been good to me so far. Other people might beg to differ.

There is nothing special about the web stack; since 2019–09–22, it consists of nginx and FreeBSD.