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Log off!

Konstantin showed up at my place earlier this month, and he also brought a friend of his. They happened to be nearby and decided to pay me a visit.

We went for a walk in the forest, because there is only so much you can do in a town, in autumn, in the midst of a pandemic.

Half an hour in, we passed a group of males. They were thirty to fourty years old, kind of greasy, and each of them looked a bit incestuous. I inhaled a strong stench of alcohol.

They had found this huge log by the wayside and tried to shove it down the hill, to no avail. As we got closer, one of them asked us to participate in their newfound hobby. Since we respectfully declined, he noted:

I see, you're not into men ...

I was a little puzzled and assumed that he wanted to insult us, since his voice had a slightly derogatory ring to it. But I just didn't feel offended.

For five seconds, nobody said a word. Then, his drunken brain slowly started to realise what it had just said, and he promptly made up for it:

... though you like to touch each other!