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A non-comprehensive list.



… is a thirdhand Lenovo X230 Tablet. I acquired it for EUR ~130 in early 2019. Originally intended for university and experimenting, I have grown to like it so much that it has become my main computer nowadays. It nearly falls apart and has lots of scratches, but that is okay.


I like to use Void Linux since it is fast, pragmatic, unopinionated, has good patches and does not break after a full system upgrade.

I tend not to care too much about the desktop environment as long as it works and does not get in my way. On the Linux desktop, these requirements apply to GNOME and Window Maker.


Firefox for browsing. Claws for mailing. DeaDBeeF (or Spotify) for music. Emacs for editing text. urxvt (or gnome-terminal) for terminating things. Xournal++(1) for taking notes and drawing graphics.


I used to have a Redmi Note 3 Pro, and I loved its build quality and the then-unmatched price/performance ratio.

However, I have grown to loathe Android and its evangelists(2), so I had bought an iPhone SE in 2018 and have lived happily ever since.

(1) Great software, but trying to pronounce this feels like having a stroke.
(2) “Why aren't you using X?”, “I don't like how you do Y.”, “Ever heard about custom firmware Z?”, and then they start spiraling into never-ending ramblings and explanations of things I already know or have no interest in knowing about!